Monday, July 18, 2011

beg the bee's forgiveness as it's falling from your sleeve

Its been awhile.
But I'm back.

I have a few photos for ya.
Possibly my favorite photo of us ever. Aus is such a creep.

Cousins photo at the wedding. We're silly.

Aus' cousin and our MC. One of my favorite people - I mean just look at him.
And Austin cheesin it up. Silly boy.

That's all I've got for wedding pictures.
We have yet to get the pictures back from our photographer. I cannot wait.

Here are a few from Cornerstone
Norma Jean stopped by for a surprise show. They let us stand back stage.
And Austin did his fair share of running on stage and crowd surfing. 
It was so. much. fun.

For some laughs - local Walmart and their unbeatable prices.

As I mentioned before we hosted the free ramen tent this year.
And my friends rock my socks.

If you haven't yet, listen to this album.
So so so very good.

That's all for now folks.
Stay tuned for an update on the billions of craft projects I've been working on.

turn that frown upside down,

1 comment:

Gabrielle said...

Look at you!

Ahh, your wedding pictures are beautiful! I adore your dress. You and your hubby are just such a lovely pair, you can't even help it :)

3 more weeks from tomorrow and I'll be joining you in the wedded club!

And Cornerstone!! Who were your favorites?