Friday, June 24, 2011

throw your soul through every open door

Oh my goodness.
I have been so busy.
I just realized its been 10 days since my last post - crazy.

To fill you in on what's been going on in my life I'm going to do a sort of awkward and awesome post
similar to what this lady does each week.

So, the awkward things
1. While driving on the interstate I saw a twenty something man driving a convertible porshe with a "kids first" license plate and the top was pouring.

2. I have an obsession with toll house ready bake cookies.
but this week I burned the craps out of them
...two days in a row
so sad

3. Yesterday, while driving downtown my little sister Madi yelled "Ew! OMG" and pointed out a teenage boy who had his pants around his knees.
So I promptly yelled "PULL YOUR PANTS UP" out my window.
He deserved it.
But he still gave me the bird.
I thought you weren't allowed to flip off pretty girls with children in the car...

4. I got in a little arguement with a cashier at Joann's over my change
like one of those "are you sure that's right...?" moments
turns out she was.
...and I'm a math major
so embarrassing.

5. Getting lectured by the husband about the correct way to paint a wall
...while he painted the ceiling the wrong color.

And now the awesome things
1. Picked up a new Iphone 4 for the husband
Now he can send me cute texts that make me so happy and call me on his lunch break :)

2. Painted our bathroom a pretty shade of grey
and now its super cute

3. My sisters spent the night and we had tons of fun painting and cooking and watching Narnia :)

4. Husband and I both decided that we should paint the kitchen green before we talked about it.
and now we've picked out the prettiest shade!
its going to be insanely cute.

5. I've been working on these:
they make me giggle
And I think husband likes them more than I do...

6. And finally...
I got myself a fancy new job :D
I'm now a customer service rep at an insurance agency
it's like...a big girl job
I'm a little nervous

Also, I've become obsessed with fawns

I have a packed schedule this weekend.
CD release for an amazing band  tonight and then movies with a dear friend.
Art show on Saturday.
And Aus and I are planting a new lawn on Sunday.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

turn that frown upside down,


islabell said...

those wee sewn icecreams are adorable. heading over to check out your etsy now.

Ninth and Bird said...

Are those ice cream magnets? I love them!