Monday, September 5, 2011

girl with a bird she found in the snow

I had a lovely day
conquered lots of homework and took an amazing afternoon nap
thank goodness for chilly days off
there's nothing I love better than sitting around all day when its chilly outside
may sound boring but I can never get enough

here's what Austin and I have been up to lately (mostly Austin and a few wonderful friends)

Austin's screen printing business - Quiet Lady - is just about up and running!
and about time too
his phone has been ringing like crazy
let the madness of running our own business begin
and if you need any shirts, bags, etc. screen printed let me know :) hehe

I've mostly been working at my new fancy job
and studying for my insurance licensing exam - which I passed last week :D
now I'm back in school and trying to get used to having homework
strangely, its actually been kind of nice

I also made lots of magnets this summer
just listed this set earlier this evening on my etsy

they are my favorites!

well, happy labor day :)
I hope you had a wonderful day off as well


P.S. Austin and I found this plant growing over the fence from our neighbor's yard
anyone know what kind it is?
Austin and I decided that it must be a mutant variety of tiny, tiny pumpkins...ha

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