Friday, June 10, 2011

went to the chapel

My apologies for the unintended blogging hiatus.
As I mentioned last week, I came down with a nasty sinus infection right before the wedding.
And I've had to spend the last few days in bed recovering. 
I haven't been this sick in years.
But, I'm feelin a bit better now so I thought I'd write something for ya.

I got hitched last weekend!!
The wedding was so much fun.
I promise I'll post pictures to prove it soon.
But for now all I have are a few blurry iphone photos.
Here's a sneak peak at my dress

Marriage is wonderful.
Its like having a endless sleepover with my best friend.
At least for me - he's had to spend the first week of marriage nursing me back to health.
Sorry lover! I promise I'll get healthy for you soon.

We took our wedding photos at an abandoned cathedral.
Its a gorgeous place.
The History Channel made this video below.
They make the cathedral sound scary and dangerous but its really not that bad.
This video actually makes me laugh - its just so silly.

To prove that it isn't just a creepy old church, here's a cute little music video that was shot inside.

It was so much fun to go on an adventure before all the craziness of the day began.
I can't wait to see the pictures.

one last little piece of news
Austin bought me this beautiful thing for my twentieth birthday last Friday!

Its a Nikon D70!
He worked three days of overtime to buy it for me!
He's the absolute best husband ever!
And now that I have a big girl camera, I'll be able to do more outfit posts :)

have a wonderful weekend!

turn that frown upside down,
Jess (Caldwell!)

P.S. Isn't Christen from Two Happy Hearts the best!?


Gabrielle said...

I am sooooo excited for you! More pictures, please! :)

islabell said...

and lucky you getting that camera