Wednesday, May 18, 2011

road full of promise

I've been crafting my little heart out over the last several days. 
But, I won't be sharing any more of my wedding projects with you because I want to keep it all a surprise for my family and friends :)

Here is one of my latest non-wedding projects.
My friend Shane recently moved into a studio apartment and asked my friend Nancy to make him a giant curtain to break up the room.
Shane had the great idea to make the curtain out of burlap bags and Nancy recruited me to help out.
Here a few shots of the project. 

(Ignore the messy room and poor picture quality...ha)

As you can see the curtain took up almost the entire living room.
Austin and his friends had to walk around in circles to get in and out of the house for several hours.
Thanks for being so patient guys :)
Also in case anyone is wondering, crawling around on the floor for hours is in fact not good for one's back, knees, ankles, feet, and well any body part...oof.
I'll have more pictures when I'm finished.

In other news, Austin and I will be road tripping up to my aunt and uncle's house in Michigan this weekend.
They live in a beautiful renovated church near Lake Huron. You can get a quick video tour here.
They do tons of underwater filming for documentaries, National Geographic, and other research projects.
Here's a small sample of their work.

My uncle is an artist and makes sculptures from things he finds while diving.
He also works with glass, paint, and clay.
And my aunt said we might get to play around with some of their air brushing tools :)
We plan to spend Saturday touring the sights along the lake - and since my aunt is an amazing cook we'll be eating some seriously delicious food.
It will be a much needed relaxing weekend before all the craziness of the upcoming months begins.
So excited - I hope it warms up a bit so we can run around on the beach.
And hopefully I remember to take plenty of pictures to share with you :)

I'll leave you with this lovely tune

"Decide what to be and go be it"

Have a wonderful day :)

turn that frown upside down,

P.S. For those of you who read yesterday's post,
I thought I'd share this by It Girl, Rag Doll.
Ranculus are lovely.


Nancy Joy said...

oh man, I'm so thrilled to start my work on these bad boys. Bring on the back and knee pain! Haha, and I hope you have fun this weekend, I know I'll be missing you again! (:

ps. my dad is trying to get rid of a bunch of lily of the valley. Interested?

Elishia and Belinda said...

hey you have a lovely blog! I like what you've done with the curtain - saw something similar in a cafe once and loved the idea. Please do show finished pics!


and pop over to our blog - I think you may like??