Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Projects

I've started several new projects during the last few days. I think I may have gotten a little ahead of myself.

Project #1 is the chair that I mentioned in my last post.
I'm planning to sand it down and paint it white. 
(In the upper right corner of the picture is one of my shower gifts.
My cousin gave me a vintage wash board. The top part is a cork board, the metal area came with magnets so that we can...well hang things on it with them, and there are cute little hooks on the bottom.
We're planning to hang it near the front door so we can hang keys, to-do lists, mail, etc.)

I'm also going to make a new cushion with this cutesy fabric.

Project #2 is a new set of curtains and place mats for our kitchen.
I found these lovely prints for them.

The one of the left is for the place mats and the other is for the curtains.

Project #3 is a few wedding decorations.
I found several pieces of fabric for the pennant banners.
I also made my pattern and cut out a piece. I can't wait to put it all together!

I also found several flats of pretty candles that should fit perfectly inside my baby food jars. 
And they were 70% off!

Hopefully I'll be able to finish these up quickly.

turn that frown upside down,

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