Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have several things to share today.

First, Austin and his brother, Billy, put new floors into the bathroom this weekend!
They worked all night long on Saturday and it turned out great!
I don't have any pictures of the finished product yet because I need to clean first - yikes.

We're planning to put in a new vanity soon as well.
Its going to be so pretty.

Second, we also did some more decorating in the kitchen.
I finished the curtains and placemats, we brought over the gorgeous table we've had in storage all winter, and we picked up a few new things as well.

I apologize for the awful picture quality.
Since the back room is under construction some of the lights in the kitchen are out.

And finally, I mailed all the wedding invitations this week!! So excited.

Today is a beautiful day - I hope you enjoy it!

turn that frown upside down,

P.S. 45 days :)


Nancy Joy said...

Looks like Billy was the one doing the work in the bathroom...and your kitchen looks so cute! I love the stove and the table is BEAUTIFUL! And....I got my invite and mailed it back! (: yay! hehe.

turn that frown upside down said...

Hah actually all the pictures with Austin are blurry.
Thanks! And yay :)

Two Happy Hearts said...

good job, guys! i'm lovin the floors.

and all of your little nesting details are ADORABLE. and your invites are also adorable!! can't wait for your wedding :D